E-scooter riders race down Stadium Road

PHOTO: Facebook/Jeff Hhow

Two e-scooter riders were caught on video travelling at high speeds along Stadium Road.

Videos of the incident were posted on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook group page by Jeff Hhow.

According to the time stamp, the incident happened at about 11.59pm on Friday (Apr 26).

According to Jeff, the e-scooter riders were "racing illegally" at over 45kmh and overtaking cars.

The incident is concerning considering how many accidents involving personal mobility devices (PMDs) have happened recently.

On Friday morning, a 39-year-old female e-scooter rider died after she was involved in an accident with a bus at Woodlands.

On Apr 20, a video went viral after an e-scooter rider allegedly hit a child along Orchard Road.