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Elderly woman injured after bus driver closes doors on her at Hougang Interchange

Elderly woman injured after bus driver closes doors on her at Hougang Interchange
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/SG Road Vigilante

An elderly passenger was treated in hospital after an SBS Transit bus driver closed the doors on her while she was exiting the vehicle on Tuesday (Nov 9). 

In a YouTube video shared on Nov 11, with over 17,000 views, it showed the woman slowly making her way out of the bus at Hougang Bus Interchange when the exit doors abruptly closed on her.

Clinging onto the exit's side handles and with one foot still inside the bus, the woman helplessly used her other hand to bang on the doors. But it was too late as she lost her balance and fell strongly to the ground.

The clip later showed the bus driver and another SBS bus captain helping the elderly passenger to her feet.


SBS Transit told AsiaOne on Thursday that "the actions of the bus captain are most unacceptable" and "it is fortunate" the woman was not seriously injured. She had received outpatient treatment at the hospital.

Tammy Tan, the public transport operator's senior vice-president of corporate communications, said: "We are in touch with her family to extend our care and concern and have offered our assistance too. We do wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

"Meanwhile, we have taken strict disciplinary action against the bus captain and will be monitoring his performance closely."

In September, an elderly passenger died — succumbing to a head injury and multiple fractures — after an accident where he lost his footing and fell when a bus did an emergency brake.

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