Is this entertainment now? Youths vlog about getting 'kicked out' of Ikea

PHOTO: YouTube

YouTube has received a lot of flak lately especially after the antics of popular YouTube star Logan Paul.

When he posted a video of a dead body hanging from a tree, it sparked a discussion online on content that is made available online viewed by young, impressionable teenagers.

Many fans defended Paul and accepted his apology on how he wanted to raise "awareness for suicide and suicide prevention".

Apart from the notorious suicide forest video, he has made a name for himself with pointless pranks and shock-value antics like faking his own murder in clear view of his young fans.

It is somewhat troubling how young people all over the world look up to such influencers and find what they do just harmless fun.

Some even try to emulate them.

A Stomp contributor alerted Stomp to a YouTube video featuring two youths heading to a local Ikea store to carry out a "fort challenge".

They go around the store collecting items like cushions, throws and stools before heading to an area stacked with boxes of furniture to make their "fort".

Throughout the video, they are fully aware that they can potentially get kicked out if they get caught but they go ahead with their "dare" anyway.

Eventually, what they were fearing, and what they were probably expecting to happen, occurs when they film themselves being escorted out of the store by a staffer.

Despite this, they feel no remorse.

As they head out, one of them says, "I don't care, guys, we will come back to Ikea again and do the fort again, I don't care!"

Is this really the new standard of entertainment for our youths now?

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