Entire Singapore gets Go-Jek today: Here's how my ride with them went

PHOTO: The Straits Times

If you, like me, woke up this morning to a message from ride-hailing service Go-Jek saying they're "open for all", you might be understandably confused. 

After all, haven't they been operating in Singapore since November?

And didn't they have an official launch earlier this year (Jan 2)?   

Turns out, today's announcement meant that Go-Jek was giving immediate access to all customers throughout Singapore.

Previously, only DBS/POSB customers had priority access to the app but as of today, "there is no longer a waitlist and everyone who downloads the app can use and access (Go-Jek)," a representative told AsiaOne.

A screenshot of the email sent to Go-Jek users this morning (Jan 10). Photo: AsiaOne A screenshot of Go-Jek's email to those who signed up for the app sent on Jan 2. Photo: AsiaOne 

Nonetheless, as a DBS/POSB customer who signed up for the app back in November, I was entitled to two $5 vouchers that were due to expire on Jan 11. So I decided to give the Go-Jek application a go for my morning commute to work. 

First of all, I decided to check out the competition. 

Due to the surcharge, the price listed on Grab ($25) was more than three times the price that Go-Jek was offering ($7.80). After the voucher was applied, I only had to pay $6.30 (including a toll charge of $3.50). 

Prices on Grab (L) compared to prices on Go-Jek (R). Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Other than the fare, there was not much difference between Go-Jek and other ride-hailing apps in terms of service.

To be completely transparent, I did have to wait 10 minutes for my driver to arrive, but that could possibly be attributed to morning traffic. 

According to a press release, all consumers who sign up for Go-Jek today and are first-time riders will receive two $5 vouchers, which they can use for two rides within two weeks of signing up.

Next time you need a ride to work in the morning, you might want to give this app a go.