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'Exorbitant': Man calls out McDonald's for raising the price of Filet-O-Fish by over 20% - even higher than inflation rate

'Exorbitant': Man calls out McDonald's for raising the price of Filet-O-Fish by over 20% - even higher than inflation rate
PHOTO: Stomp

He did the maths.

The price of a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish has raised as much as 23.4 per cent since last year, according to calculations by Stomp contributor Shy Apple.

This is much more than Singapore's core inflation of 5.1 per cent and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) increase from 7 to 8 per cent at the beginning of the year.

"I feel many unscrupulous businesses increased prices of 8 to 9 per cent in view of this 1 per cent GST increase and can expect another round of price increase in 2024 again," said the Stomp contributor.

"I saw the report on BreadTalk raising prices a lot due to GST and am particularly upset when I see McDonald's (a well-known affordable no-frills fast food since our youth) doing it.

"I recently saw their Filet-O-Fish and Double Filet-O-Fish ala carte and meal prices increased exorbitantly since 2022. I saw prices from websites dated 2022 and compare with what I am paying now post-GST 1 per cent rise in 2023.

"For example, now the Filet-O-Fish is $3.95 and Double Filet-O-Fish is $6.70. The Filet-O-Fish Meal is $6.40 and Double Filet-O-Fish meal $8.60 with upsizing priced at $1.

"The 2022 prices as stated in the AllSGPromo website were $3.20 and $5.55. The meal in 2022 was $5.40 and $7.35 with upsizing at additional 90 cents.


"This translates to a 23.4 per cent and 20.7 per cent increase for the Filet-O-Fish and Double Filet-O-Fish. For the value meals, it would be 18.5 per cent and 15.4 per cent increase for Filet-O-Fish and Double Filet-O-Fish meal respectively. The increase of upsizing cost is 11.11 per cent.

"Hence, even if we minus Singapore's core inflation for food in 2022 of 4 to 5 per cent, I still find the McDonald's price increase excessive and will not be surprised if there is another close to 10 per cent increase in 2024 again.

"I believe many low-income families like myself feel the pain as McDonald's is sort of the cheapest fast food available to us."

But he added: "P.S. I will still eat at McDonald's even though they increase prices so much."

In response to a Stomp query, McDonald’s Restaurants Communications Director Linda Ming said: "McDonald’s shares the public’s concerns about rising food prices. Like all retailers, McDonald’s faces rising business costs due to increasing operating costs and inflation.

"While price adjustments may be necessary, our pricing remains competitive and we balance that by offering value on our customers’ favourite menu items, for instance, through value specials on McDonald’ app.

"We will continue to put our customers first in all that we do, with the promise of good value, food quality and service."

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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