Fight Club: Uncle swings beer bottle at wounded man in coffee shop

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

When someone yells "stop", goes limp, taps out — the fight is over.

For an elderly man in a coffee shop brawl, however, the sight of his bloodied victim knocked down to the ground wasn't enough.

In a clip circulating on Facebook on Monday (Feb 3), he was seen attacking another senior in a coffee shop at Upper Cross Street as a crowd gathered near the commotion.

The injured man was seen sitting on the ground as a few people attempted to stop the bleeding from his head by applying pressure to the wounds.

While they did so, the aggressor was seen snatching a beer bottle from a table before approaching the injured man.

As he swung the bottle at the latter, he was stopped by passers-by.

Although several people yelled at him to stop, the agitated man continued to charge at the man until he was pulled away by two women.

He soon broke away from them and continued to grab the other man by his shirt and hit him.

Unker sibeh hiong arh.When this fight happened?

Posted by Sibeh Singapore on Monday, February 3, 2020

The attacker was later tackled by a male passer-by who tried to pin him down. But he managed to get back to his feet and picked up a plastic chair as a woman shouted for an ambulance to be called.

Close to the end of the one-and-a-half minute video, a young man stepped up to the pair and separated them.

While some netizens speculated that the seniors were fighting over a beer lady, the exact reason for the scuffle remains unknown.

The police told AsiaOne that they were alerted to a dispute at Block 34 Upper Cross Street on Monday (Feb 3) evening.

Two men aged 63 and 67 were taken to Singapore General Hospital, with the younger one subsequently arrested for rash act causing hurt and criminal force.

Investigations are ongoing.