'First time seeing such a long queue': Hundreds spotted trying to enter Pulau Ubin over Labour Day long weekend

TikTok user Botakbonsai captured the long queue to enter Pulau Ubin over the long weekend.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Botakbonsai

Heading to Pulau Ubin over the long weekend sounds like a good alternative to braving the Causeway jam, but it seemed many others shared the same idea. 

On Monday (May 2), TikTok user Glenn Lim uploaded a video showing the massive queue at Changi Ferry Point Terminal, where visitors have to board a bumboat to enter Pulau Ubin. 

"This is the queue to enter Pulau Ubin. OMG!," the 43-year-old operations manager wrote in the 23-second video. The footage showed the queue extending several metres past the ferry point, with over 100 people in line. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Lim explained that he wanted to bring his family to the island for a biking trip. They added that they reached Changi Village at about 11am, but decided to stop queuing after 45 minutes.

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"We only made it one-quarter of the way, if we queued all the way it might have taken two hours or more, but we had a two-year-old who was getting a bit cranky," he shared.

He estimated that there were about 300 people in line, elaborating that his original video was two and a half minutes long. 

Lim said that he visits Pulau Ubin about six to seven times a year, but it was his "first time seeing such a long queue". 

The video received comments from many bewildered netizens, some of whom were wondering why there was a rush to visit the island, while others felt that it was better to stay home. 

One netizen also remarked that the long queues were a good sign for those running the bumboat service. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok