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Foul stench from Ang Mo Kio flat: Police find cats abandoned in rubbish-filled home

Foul stench from Ang Mo Kio flat: Police find cats abandoned in rubbish-filled home
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Home, or rubbish dump?

Disturbed by a foul smell emitting from a two-room flat in Ang Mo Kio for months, neighbours called the police for help.

When officers arrived and forcibly entered the unit, they not only found the filthy flat strewn with garbage, but also several cats left abandoned.

The incident occurred at Blk 314 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Shin Min Daily News reported.

After receiving the tip-off from a neighbour last week, a reporter visited the unit and took a peek inside.

Rubbish and broken furniture littered the entire flat and a few dead cockroaches could be seen near the front door, reported Shin Min. The reporter also noticed a stench emitting from the flat.

Letters addressed to the resident as well as a notice from the police could still be seen wedged in the windowsill, which meant the owner had not returned. 


One neighbour shared that the male resident had moved into the flat about two years ago and began keeping cats in his home.

However, he alleged that the owner did not clean up after the cats, which explained why the unit smelled bad.

A neighbour interviewed by Shin Min shared that she had complained to the owner about the foul smell and he'd replied that he would clean up his flat, but he never did.

The neighbour, Nana, 33, told the Chinese evening daily that she'd made multiple complaints to the National Environment Agency and HDB.

"As the uncle would be out in the morning and back late at night, when the authorities come by and no one's in, they are unable to do anything," said Nana.

Nana pointed out that the man's "irresponsible behaviour" by abandoning his flat had caused inconveniences to his neighbours.

Nana, who's self-employed, also reported that the man had not returned home for about four months, as he would have to pass by her flat in order to get to his unit.


She added that she had called the police last Monday (April 24) as the smell had become even more unbearable in recent days, and she was worried that something might have happened to the man.

A foreign domestic worker who did not wish to be named told the Chinese daily that she has seen the man on occasion around the neighbourhood, and believes that he is well.

Shin Min reported that there were no signs of the resident when police entered the flat. Two cats were also taken away by the Animal & Veterinary Service.

According to Nana, however, the man had four cats and alerted the authorities to this following the incident.

She stated that in their reply, the flat owner would have to contact the police to get the gate unlocked before they are able to rescue any remaining cats.

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