Fridge crawling with insects, stains on the walls and floors: Horrific state terrible tenants left HDB flat in after 3 years

Fridge crawling with insects, stains on the walls and floors: Horrific state terrible tenants left HDB flat in after 3 years
TikTok user Paulineweewee's nightmare of a flat after it was rented out for three years.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Paulineweewee

There have been plenty of reports of late about rogue contractors and unreasonable landlords but in this case of role-reversal however, the landlords have become the victims.

On Tuesday (April 26), TikTok user paulineweewee uploaded a video of the HDB flat that she claimed she had rented out for three years, showing how incredibly dirty the place had become in her absence.


Rented out the whole unit for 3 years and this is what we got back - power bo ?

♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension - Sound Production Gin

The video began with a shot of the toilet, with white tiling on the floor littered with unidentified black dirt. The toilet seat itself also appeared extremely dirty.

The shower area also had similar black specks on the floor and walls.

As the camera panned across the flat, the floor was visibly covered in black trails, most noticeably right outside the shower room.

"I legit thought that was a cat trying to squeeze between the toilet seat," a TikTok user commented, referring to the dark clump on the seat.

Moving away from the dusty kitchen hob, paulineweewee then revealed what was hidden in the fridge - at least two large insects scuttering about, likely cockroaches.

"You still holding their deposit? Hire cleaners to chemical clean n [and] painter to paint," another TikTok user recommended after saying that this was a normal occurrence.

Other users also agreed. 

"I kena like this before," a different user said. "Agent told me since [I] didn't come in to inspect, [my] deposit [was burned]."

However, other TikTok users also questioned why this even happened.

"Why does it feel like no one lived here for three years instead?" One user asked.

"Why [didn't you] do inspection every three months?" Another netizen questioned the poster.

When stories about property rentals go viral, it's usually the tenants who are the victims. 

For example, in March this year, tenants of a Sengkang flat claimed that their landlord limited shower time of up to five minutes.

In Hougang, a landlord allegedly threw his tenants out a day after they moved in, leading them to upload three videos on Facebook in January this year, warning any other potential tenants.

Another incident in Hougang last year had a tenant being evicted for using the toilet and washing clothes too often.

For landlords involved in disputes with their tenants, they can contact the Singapore Mediation Centre for help. 

AsiaOne has reached out to TikTok user paulineweewee for comment.

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