GE2020 results: PAP's Amy Khor wins Hong Kah North SMC with 60.98% of votes over PSP's Gigene Wong

[UPDATED: 2.20 am]

Results for Hong Kah North SMC for GE2020

Amy Khor (PAP) 60.98%
Gigene Wong (PSP) 39.02%

The People's Action Party has won Hong Kah North SMC against the Progress Singapore Party.

PAP's Amy Khor received 16,333 votes while PSP's Gigene Wong received 10,452 votes.

The People’s Action Party is leading the Progress Singapore Party in Hong Kah North SMC for GE2020, according to the sample count.

PAP's Amy Khor currently has 63 per cent of the votes, compared to PSP’s Gigene Wong's 37 per cent.

The sample count has been a strong indication of the final result in past elections.

It is derived from 100 random ballot papers from every polling station in the constituency, taking into account the weightage of each polling station.

Sample counts have a 95 per cent chance of being within four percentage points of the final count.

Dr Khor, 62, is the incumbent MP for Hong Kah North and has been serving the area since it was part of Hong Kah GRC in 2001 and 2006. She continued to stand in the SMC after it was carved out in 2011.

Meanwhile, 46-year-old Wong is standing for elections for the first time. She spent two decades working in China, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Oil China, and also as Chief Financial Officer of the listed Foshan Electrical and Lighting.

She previously told the media that she quit her job in China and flew back to Singapore with just a phone call from PSP leader Tan Cheng Bock in March. 

In the 2015 general election, PAP won Hong Kah SMC with a vote share of 74.76 per cent against the Singapore People's Party.

This article will be updated with the final result when it is announced.

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