GE2020: Singaporeans First no more

PHOTO: Facebook/SingaporeansFirst

The political party that was formed at the last general election, Singaporeans First (SingFirst), just announced its dissolution today (June 25) in a Facebook post. 

Citing “opposition unity and cooperation” as a guiding principle of the party and their efforts to foster “greater unity and cooperation” amongst the opposition parties, secretary-general Tan Jee Say said the decision to dissolve the party was because “we believe a strong opposition is best achieved with consolidation”.

In the letter posted on Facebook, he also mentioned that ex-SingFirst members are now active in different parties and they have redirected others who have wanted to join them to other parties too. 

Thank you all for the support! We will continue to have Singaporeans' best interests as our top priority, wherever we go. ❤️

Posted by SingFirst on Thursday, June 25, 2020

He ended off encouraging all SingFirst members to join other parties that reflect their values and beliefs and to help them in the upcoming general election. 

When AsiaOne earlier contacted Tan to ask about SingFirst’s intentions for the upcoming general election, he had replied with an email that said: “Please check my Facebook for announcements”.

Former SingFirst chairman, Ang Yong Guan, was revealed as a Progress Singapore Party candidate earlier this week.