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General Insurance Association of Singapore launches new online platform for motor accident reports

General Insurance Association of Singapore launches new online platform for motor accident reports
The decrease was partly because of lower-than-expected collections from motor vehicle taxes and vehicle quota premiums.
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The General Insurance Association of Singapore today announced the launch of its new accident reporting system called GIA Easy Accident Reporting System (GEARS). The online platform will go live starting 9.00am on Nov 30, 2020, with the current system being retired from 5.00pm on Nov 27, 2020.

GEARS incorporates several new features that will replace the existing system, facilitating a more seamless and convenient payment and delivery of accident reports via the GEARS e-Counter.

With one-step contactless authorisation, the system will now enable motorists to remotely and securely authorise the purchase of accident reports by their repairer or lawyer digitally. The 24/7 fully online GEARS will send an authorisation link to the email address of the owner/driver, requesting confirmation that the law firm/workshop represents them.

Going forward, owners/drivers are reminded to provide an email address they can be reached at when filing an accident report for a seamless authorisation process.

In an effort to move towards a convenient cashless system, the GEARS e-Counter will only accept payments by GIRO, direct debit, or by scanning the NETS or PayNow QR codes using participating banks' mobile apps. Cheque and cash payments will no longer be supported.

The system also incorporates enhanced features that ensure the authorisation process for the purchase of third-party reports is secure and accident reports are sent via encrypted files.

To complement this shift to digital, physical walk-in and postal applications at the General Insurance Association Record Management Centre (GIARMC) will no longer be supported when GEARS goes live on Nov 30, 2020.

Motorists are advised to take note of the transition period, during which the usual Motor Claims Framework (MCF) reporting standards will not be enforced. Normal MCF reporting standards will resume on Dec 1, 2020. Motorists should approach their respective insurer should there be any assistance required.

GEARS is one of a number of initiatives being introduced by the general insurance sector to accelerate digitalisation in the industry.

As part of the sector's ongoing mission to provide accessible and convenient services to customers, GEARS extends general insurers, long-term commitment towards better meeting consumers' emerging protection needs through continuous transformation and innovation that supports businesses and society at large.

"As our economy begins to open up and we see a resumption of key activities, more consumers will be back on the road, making the launch of GEARS particularly timely.

''Launching GEARS represents the sector's long-term commitment to digitising, enhancing our operations and processes, and providing consumers with greater ease of use and improved convenience," says Mr. Ho Kai Weng, Chief Executive of the General Insurance Association of Singapore.

Supporting the Association in these efforts is Shift Technology, a leader in claims automation and fraud detection for the global insurance industry. "We're honoured to be part of the Association's initiative to create a universal accident reporting system, making the process of accident reporting more seamless and efficient for consumers.

We share the belief that the industry, both insurers and consumers, can benefit from a stronger digital ecosystem that replaces manual processes of the past with advanced, timely solutions that work," says Jeremy Jawish, CEO and Co-founder, Shift Technology.

Shift Technology and the Association have previously collaborated on the development of the GIA Fraud Management System, which employs data analytics and artificial intelligence to detect fraud cases for motor and travel insurance.

Implemented in 2017, the system has since played a key role in helping the industry mitigate underwriting losses for both segments. GEARS is the second digital initiative born from this partnership.

Time Period What to do should you be involved in an accident
Before the transition (Before Nov 27, 2020) Normal MCF standards are being followed
During the transition (Between Nov 27 and Nov 29, 2020) Motorists that are involved in motor accidents should take their accident vehicle(s) to report accidents at the Accident Reporting Centres (ARCs) on Monday, Nov 30, 2020
After the transition is complete (After Dec 1, 2020) Normal MCF standards will resume

This article was first published in sgCarMart.

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