Get your shot, steady pom pi pi: Phua Chu Kang is back with infectious Covid-19 vaccine bop

PHOTO: YouTube/govsingapore

With his trademark bling-bling jewellery, yellow wellington boots and fake curly hair, Phua Chu Kang (PCK) is back – again.

It was only a year ago when he, played by Gurmit Singh reprising his iconic role, burst onto the scene with the song Singapore Be Steady! and rallied Singaporeans to "be steady" and "don't play play". 

That much-anticipated release came almost two decades after PCK's first hit, the SAR-vivor rap which is etched in the minds of many.

It seems like Uncle Phua has decided to spoil us further because, just yesterday (May 2), a brand new song was released and it’s already gotten heads bopping.

This time, PCK’s song focuses on the importance of getting vaccinated during these trying times – doing in an infectious manner that only he can.

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Cue the almost excessive use of Singlish terms and fun lyrics. This line in the chorus – with one of PCK’s most iconic catchphrase – catches your attention immediately: “Singapore don’t wait and see, better get your shot. Steady pom pi pi.”

On Twitter, it seems like some weren’t particularly sure what Steady pom pi pi meant.

Screengrab from Twitter

Roughly 20 seconds into the music video, PCK’s beloved wife Rosie, played by Irene Ang, makes a welcomed return and the couple have something of a back-and-forth rap battle on vaccinations. 

Rosie, a bit wary of getting vaccinated, said: “But Chu ah, is it confirm safe?”

PCK, tries to convince his wife, replied: “Aiya Rosie, come on be brave. The vaccine is not anyhow whack and against Covid-19, it will protect.”

Granted, they aren’t exactly Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z but you can’t fault the endeavour.

Despite the silliness of it all, this song's importance and relevance cannot be understated given the current situation. Singapore is facing its worst spate of Covid-19 community infections in almost a year.

With this rise in community cases, Covid-19 measures have been tightened in recent days.

The song ends with an appeal for Singaporeans to get vaccinated: “I got my shot, get yours too ok?”

From his raps over the decades, what cannot be contested is that when Uncle Phua raps, Singaporeans listen.