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GetGo car user 'lost confidence in driving' after being charged over $900 for a flat tyre

GetGo car user 'lost confidence in driving' after being charged over $900 for a flat tyre
PHOTO: Stomp

A flat can cost this much?

A woman was "heartbroken" when she received a $914 bill from car-sharing company GetGo for a flat tyre.

Stomp contributor Shaun alerted Stomp to the woman's post in the Facebook group GetGo Carsharing Spottings Singapore on Oct 4 about the incident.

She wrote: "Can anyone guess how much GetGo will charge me for the flat tyre that I had caused? I accidentally hit the kerb and it caused the flat tyre, probably burst, and scratches on the metal."

A day later, in the comments section, she shared a screenshot of the bill, which shows the amount due was $914.42.

She added she was "heartbroken".

The Stomp contributor commented: "For $621.62, you can change all four tyres to high-performance tyres."

$621.62 is the cost of replacement parts listed on the bill. There is also a $111.11 charge for "loss of use". 

In response to comments by netizens, the woman replied: "Unfortunately, I cannot argue any more! The bill is final and appeals will not be accepted."

She also said: "I will settle the bill and move on."

When contacted by Stomp, a GetGo spokesperson said: "We want to clarify that the repair costs related to this incident go beyond just a punctured tyre.

"We always strive to help our users get a fair and reasonable rate, and we work closely with our partners to manage and minimise repair costs."

The woman said in another comment to her post: "For now, after seeing the invoice, I lose my confidence in driving because a very small incident like this can cost this much.

"I'm so traumatised seeing a GetGo car now."

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