Geylang resident who famously refused to sell terrace house to developers now sandwiched between 2 imposing apartments

The house along Guillemard Road that has been sandwiched by two condominiums.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

After refusing to sell his house to developers working on a luxury condo project, this homeowner in Geylang has found himself in a pickle. 

As the contractors have begun their work constructing the new condo, his two-storey house is now sandwiched between the two imposing buildings, reported Shin Min Daily News on Tuesday (March 28). 

The 50-unit condo project, NoMa, developed by Macly Group is slated to be launched this year. 

When a reporter from the Chinese daily visited the site on Monday, they found the terrace house along Guillemard Road at Geylang wedged between the two new apartment buildings. 

The roof of the house was covered with canvas, and some scaffolding has also been built around the exterior of the house. 

The property is a Buddhist prayer hall open only to the owner's family and friends, according to Shin Min, which quoted a caretaker as saying she did not know why the owner did not want to sell it.

The man in it declined to be interviewed when he was approached by reporters back in 2020. 

A resident who lives nearby told Shin Min that the house has been unoccupied since December last year. 

"It's very noisy on both sides, maybe the owner couldn't stand the construction noise after two years and finally moved out," said the 31-year-old designer. 

Geylang house untouched 

It wasn't just this homeowner who refused to give up his house. 

Just a short distance away at Geylang Lorong 28, another homeowner surnamed Wu also refused to sell his house to the developers. 

Although he declined to be interviewed by Shin Min, he previously told the Chinese daily that the house was bought by his deceased mother, and he currently stays in the house with his older sister.

When Shin Min visited his home, they found that nothing had changed from the last time he was interviewed.

The outside of the house is filled with bird cages, fish tanks and other sundries.

A man residing there had, back in 2020, asked for his privacy to be respected, reported The Straits Times then.

"If my neighbours want to sell their homes, that's their decision," he said.

"Where can you get such a house in a good location?"

That terrace house could fetch at least $4 million back then.

When asked back in 2020 if it will eventually offer a better price to acquire the two houses, the developer Macly Group said: "No, as our current plans are approved and sold to buyers. We are proceeding as per status quo."

'Looks incongruous': Neighbours

The two homeowners might have managed to stand their ground, but some other residents in the area don't necessarily agree with their decision. 

"It looks very incongruous," remarked another resident, Liang Sen, adding that it was because he felt that the two terrace houses look rather old-fashioned and do not match the appearance of the new condo. 

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