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Grab driver claims to earn $912 in 1 day by driving for 24 hours, but says it's not advisable

Grab driver claims to earn $912 in 1 day by driving for 24 hours, but says it's not advisable

Ever since the private-car hire market emerged in Singapore, many Singaporeans have taken up driving in the hopes of earning more than they would in their regular nine-to-five job.

Stomp contributor Ah Boy alerted Stomp to a post by one Grab driver who recently shared how he allegedly earned a total of $912 in just one day by driving for 24 hours.

Facebook user Pro Driver posted his experience in the ProDriver Inc (Grab Drivers SG) Facebook group.

In his post, he shared a screenshot of his $912 earnings from working from 12am to 11.59pm on Monday (Aug 13).

He also included videos with him providing updates on his progress.

Stomp has stitched the three videos into one below.

In the video, the driver, who introduces himself as Sonic, is on his way to Changi Airport to start the first job of his "challenge". He explains off-camera why he is doing this and advises his friends and followers not to attempt the challenge as well.

"I strongly advise against driving such long hours because it's actually very dangerous for yourself and the rider," he says.

"Rest assured that I will stop if I feel too tired, but I'm very well rested over the weekend.

"I'm doing this not to challenge anybody or for any fame or any fortune but I'm just doing this to get your attention.

"There are some videos online and some courses online to teach you how to drive... I don't think it's a really good idea as it doesn't show the real aspect of driving.

"I'd rather driving be more sustainable and more healthy so anyway, wish me good luck."

He records another update at about 10.20am when he takes his "first break" to pump petrol at a Caltex petrol station.

He opens the Grab app on his phone to show that at this point, he has earned about $456.

His final update is at 12.02am on Tuesday (Aug 14) just after he has completed the challenge.

"It's been a gruelling day," he says. "I've had a lot of support from my pro driver group members."

He adds that one of his group members even bought food for him while he was refilling petrol.

He fires up the Grab app on his phone again and shows his Acceptance Rate (AR), Driver's Rating and Cancellation Rate (CR) which are 92.3 per cent, 4.86 and 7.1 per cent respectively.

He comments that he did not "cherry-pick" his jobs and that his AR and CR are "intact".

However, he comments that his driver's rating is "a bit low".

He then shows that in the 24-hour time-span he drove on Monday, he completed 59 jobs and earned $912.

He ends his video saying, "I really suggest nobody try this".

"I'm tired. It's time to go home."

Other members of the Facebook group express amazement at Sonic's feat and ask him to "teach" them his ways.

While some are hopeful to earn the same amount, others remind them that driving non-stop for so long is not productive.

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