Grab investigating after rider claims he’d only receive additional $8 compensation for order that took 7 trips

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[UPDATE: Oct 12]

The rider has received additional compensation of $24, he wrote in an update. 

A Grab spokesperson told AsiaOne that the system assigns orders based on the type of order received, as well as the mode of transportation their delivery-partners use. 

Those who find themselves in situations where they would require more trips to complete a job are encouraged to contact Grab’s customer experience team “so they can recommend the right course of action, such as re-assigning the order to a delivery-partner with a more suitable mode of transport.”

Carrying a heavy load is part and parcel of a delivery rider's job, but one Grab rider found himself with a grocery order so large it took a total of seven trips to complete.

The order, worth nearly $500, included several kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables, three boxes of potatoes, several packs of biscuits and much more.

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He recounted in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Oct 6) how he had called up Grab's support team, informing them of the large order and asking if he would receive additional compensation on top of his regular delivery fee, as it was impossible for him to complete the order in one trip.

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According to him, the staff on the line avoided his question and only told him to proceed with the order.

"They just tell me don't worry, I will be compensate [sic]," he wrote.

However, seven trips later, he found out the maximum amount he could be compensated for a trip was $8. Though he tried to appeal to Grab support, he was allegedly told: "Sorry, this is the maximum we can compensate to you."

As the rider received the order at around 6pm that day, and only completed it at around 7.30 pm, he lamented over the loss in orders he could have made in the time span as it was the peak period for delivery.

He ended his post advising other riders to cancel their orders should they face a similar situation to his.

Needless to say, netizens were shocked, with many questioning the decision to send a rider instead of a driver to deliver that particular order. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

In response to AsiaOne's queries, a Grab spokesperson said the company is aware of the incident and is currently looking into the matter.