GrabShoes? Man delivers food and steals customer's sneakers right after

A GrabFood deliveryman was filmed stealing the shoes of a customer, just moments after he delivered their food. 

The thief was caught in the act on June 20 by a CCTV camera installed by the homeowner. 

In a Facebook video posted on the group Share Share Singapore, the video shows the man eyeing a pair of shoes after delivering an order. 

He's seen using his phone, and then scooting over to the shoe rack to take a pair of sneakers. He snuck them into his food delivery bag as soon as the homeowner closes their door.


Though he can be seen looking around for any person or camera before committing the act, he failed to notice the camera that is installed on the homeowner's door. 

Facebook users were quick to point out that the bag he used to store the shoes is the same bag used to store customers' food. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

In a statement to AsiaOne, a Grab spokesperson said that they are aware of the case and are investigating the matter. 

They mentioned that Grab does not condone such behaviour and "will terminate delivery-partners who are found guilty."