Granny delivers meals to shut-in daughter daily for 3 years, gets shut outside unit for 3 hours

Granny delivers meals to shut-in daughter daily for 3 years, gets shut outside unit for 3 hours

Rain or shine, a granny has been delivering food to her widowed daughter every day for the past three years. 

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the woman in her 70s would take a bus from Toa Payoh to Bedok Reservoir Road, where her daughter stays, just to deliver a meal. 

Residents in the area say it’s a common sight to see the granny standing outside her daughter’s unit, knocking on the door and shouting her name.

Sometimes, she would stand outside the door for more than two hours, just so she can catch a glimpse of her daughter’s face. 

Reporters visited the block on Thursday evening (Feb 22) and a resident said that the granny had visited at around 4pm on the same day, and left at 6pm. 


The resident also revealed that the woman visits the 7th-floor unit nearly every day. 

A female neighbour, 30, who declined to be named told reporters that the granny’s daughter, in her 40s, is a widow. 

Said the neighbour: "I heard from the granny that after her daughter’s husband passed away, she became a changed person. She would stay cooped up in her flat all day long and never take a step out. 

"The granny has to visit every day just to deliver food to her.”

Reporters visited the block again the following afternoon (Feb 23) at around 4pm, and saw the granny, carrying a plastic bag and knocking on the door of the seventh floor unit. 

She kept calling out her daughter’s name as she knocked until her voice was coarse.

Still, no one answered the door. 

The granny became exhausted after a while and left for the void deck, where she sat on a stone bench to take a break. 

At around 6pm, she went up to the unit again, knocking on the door and pleading with her daughter to open the door. 

She stood outside the door for around 15 minutes before someone finally came to the door. 

Reporters observe a thin woman standing at the door.

The granny had an expression of happiness written over her face as she handed over a meal box and bread over to the woman. 

Standing outside the metal gates, the granny talked to the woman, who had no visible reactions. 

The granny did not seem to mind and continued chatting as she watched her daughter polish up the food in the box. 

About half an hour later, she collected the empty meal box and left happily. 

Reporters then approached the granny and spoke to her.

She told them that she stays in Toa Payoh and will take a bus every day to Bedok Reservoir Road to deliver food to her daughter.

Sighing, she said: "After her husband passed away, she never once went out by herself. If I don’t come over, how will she get food?"

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