Gross and dangerous: Singaporeans allegedly peeing outdoors and driving recklessly in Malaysia after land borders reopen

Man allegedly urinating at sidewalk in Malaysia.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Singapore Incidents

The reopening of the Singapore-Malaysia land borders last Friday (April 1) provided the opportunity for many to reunite with their loved ones.

However, it seems like some Singaporeans haven’t been on their best behaviour while in Malaysia these past few days.

On Tuesday (April 5), a 30-second clip of a man dancing while relieving himself outdoors emerged on Facebook.

The incident allegedly occurred in Malaysia, just after 1am on the same day.

A blue BMW 5-series with a Singapore license plate was parked by the side of the road and two men were seen getting out of the car.

One walked away while the other decided to wear his mask, unzipping his shorts before relieving himself by the sidewalk, giggling and dancing as he did so.

Little did he realise that a CCTV camera caught him in the act.

Unfortunately, this was not a one-off event as there has been multiple photos and videos of Singaporeans returning to their usual illegal and at times dangerous antics in Malaysia.

This includes pumping the highly subsidised Ron95 petrol, which is only meant for Malaysians.

Two Singapore-registered vehicles being fuelled with Ron95.
PHOTO: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante and Facebook/Fauzi Hamid

On top of that, a video of Singapore-registered vehicles speeding and driving recklessly on Malaysian roads was also seen online.

Unfortunately, this 'revenge travel' to make up for two lost years in lockdown seemed to have gotten the better of some.

But as restrictions ease up, hopefully more Singaporeans will get their act together and behave better overseas.

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