Guy drives into Hougang HDB block void deck to drop off passengers during heavy downpour

A driver was seen driving his car into a HDB void deck at Hougang on Thursday afternoon (March 21).
PHOTO: Stomp

A driver thought it would be a good idea to drive into the void deck of Block 712 Hougang Avenue 2 to drop off his passengers during a heavy downpour on Thursday afternoon (Mar 21).

A Stomp contributor recorded the unusual incident on his in-car camera at about 4.17pm and shared it with Stomp.

In the video, the car is seen parked in a lot near to the lift lobby of the aforementioned block.

He then drives forward into the lift lobby so that his passengers have all the shelter they need.

The Stomp contributor told Stomp that he was parked in the lot in front of the lift lobby before the other driver sounded his horn at him.

"I was getting drenched escorting my passengers with umbrellas to get to the block," he said.

"Then this fella started honking at me and flashing his lights.

"I reversed out of the lot and was surprised when he drove into the void deck.

"What has the world come to?"