'A coward and a bully': Man throws Yan Yan biscuits at woman after she says no to drinks

'A coward and a bully': Man throws Yan Yan biscuits at woman after she says no to drinks
PHOTO: Facebook/Cheryl Kim

While rejection hurts, it's never a good idea to retaliate by getting physical.

However, one bitter man allegedly resorted to throwing Yan Yan biscuits at a group of women after they turned him down.

In a Facebook post today (Dec 10), one of the victims, Cheryl Kim, shared she was having a girl's night out with her four friends on Thursday (Dec 8) when a man in a black T-shirt approached them. 

He had come from the bar next to theirs and asked the women if they wanted to drink sake.

"We declined, he walked off, we went on with our night," Kim said. 

However, things didn't simply just end there. 

Half an hour later, Kim was hit on the side of her face by a hard object. 

"It felt somewhat like a filled plastic bottle," she described, adding that the impact caused her face to sting. 

But it wasn't a plastic bottle. 

"Turns out this guy bought a Yan Yan biscuit from 7-Eleven, which he threw at us while shouting 'woooo' thinking it was funny," recounted Kim.

"Lucky for me it didn't hit my eyes else it could've been worse."

Angered, one of Kim's friends confronted the man as the rest of the women recovered from the shock. 


One of the man's friends also tried to mediate the situation and "pleaded" with the women to not call the police, she recalled.

Throughout the confrontation, the man allegedly stood behind his friend "like a coward" while continuing to smirk at the women. 

He also apparently did not say a word the entire time and refused to apologise.

When the police were about to arrive at the scene, the perpetrator left his friend behind and ran away, Kim said. "They (the police) tried looking for him but to no avail as of last night after statements were taken."

"Posting this so that the whole Singapore can see the face of a coward and a bully who cannot handle rejection and had to get physical."

In response to AsiaOne's queries, the police confirmed that on Dec 9 at 12.16 am, they received a call for assistance along Koek Road.

No injuries were reported, and the police are looking into the matter.

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