'He accused me of not paying attention': Pedestrian hurt after PMA user 'reeking of alcohol' crashes into her in Jurong

'He accused me of not paying attention': Pedestrian hurt after PMA user 'reeking of alcohol' crashes into her in Jurong
Sales manager Luo Meizhu shared that she was hit by a PMA outside Safra Jurong on March 6.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

It was a typical Wednesday evening for sales manager Luo Meizhu (transliteration), but one wrong turn and her life changed.

On March 6, Luo got off work with two other colleagues, and just as they were bidding each other farewell outside of their workplace near Safra Jurong, Luo got hit by a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) user.

"The three of us were walking out of our company and one of our colleagues was heading in a different direction from us. I turned around to say goodbye and didn't notice a PMA coming in our direction," the 53-year-old told Shin Min Daily News in a report published yesterday (March 9).

Luo fell to the ground after the PMA user crashed into her, scraping her right arm and leg.

Luo recounted: "At that point, I only felt immense pain. I did not expect that the man was still scolding me, accusing me of not paying attention, adding that he rang his bell and it was I who did not hear it."

She said that the user was a man in his 50s and reeked of alcohol, adding that she intended to ask him for medical compensation, to which the man said that he did not have money.

Luo called the police on him.

"That uncle said if I called the police, he wouldn't be able to ride his PMA anymore and left after that," she added, sharing that the police called an ambulance for her when they arrived later.

Luo also shared that she was anxious from the accident and her blood pressure rose as a result.


However, what concerned her most was that her mobility was affected. In photos seen by the Chinese daily, some parts of her leg were red and swollen with abrasions on her hands.

Luo hoped that everyone could be aware of their surroundings, including pedestrians walking and PMA users using the sidewalks.

The police confirmed with Shin Min that a 54-year-old man is currently assisting in investigations.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng announced in Parliament on March 5 that the speed limit for PMA will be reduced from 10kmh to 6kmh from 2025.

In addition, there is also an update in dimension restrictions and a stipulation that only those with medical needs can use PMAs.

Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat also said in Parliament that they expect pushbacks from PMA users about the changes to PMA regulations.

"But we must be clear that between ensuring safety for residents and providing convenience for PMA users, safety must come first," he added.

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