'He claimed cauliflower is meat': Diner charged extra for order at North Bridge Road porridge stall

Can we all agree that cauliflower is a vegetable?
PHOTO: Stomp

Can we all agree that cauliflower is a vegetable?

Why does it matter?

Because at cai png stalls, you are usually charged more for meat than for vegetables.

So it matters what is considered meat and what is considered vegetable as it affects your wallet.

A customer ordered porridge, braised pork with preserved vegetables, steamed egg and cauliflower from a North Bridge Road stall and was charged $4.40.

Stomp contributor Ace said that was not the usual price.

"My colleague confronted the worker at the stall. The man claimed that cauliflower is meat. Therefore, he charged us the price of meat," said the Stomp contributor, who shared a photo of the food.

"It's usually less than $4 for two vegetables and one meat."

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Is the steamed egg considered meat or vegetable?

The Stomp contributor works nearby and frequents the stall, which sells mixed vegetable rice and porridge.

"Each time a few of us ordered the same dishes, he would charge each a different price," said the Stomp contributor.

"There are many elderly residents in that area and they frequently patronise the stall. I don't wish the elderly to get ripped off."

A similar issue was also brought up in Stomp last week.

Stomp contributor Amos said that mixed rice stalls should display the prices of all their food items. This would help ensure that the pricing would be more consistent and customers do not get a surprise when paying for the food.

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.