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'He still can laugh': Man damages neighbour's tricycle while burning joss paper along HDB corridor

'He still can laugh': Man damages neighbour's tricycle while burning joss paper along HDB corridor
PHOTO: Facebook/ Yani Rzk

A furious mother took to social media last Saturday (Sept 4) after her belongings caught fire from her neighbour's burning of joss paper along the common corridor. 

In a video shared by Facebook user Yani Rzk that night, a heap of burnt paper and ashes could be seen scattered all over the floor outside her flat. 

Although the fire was already extinguished by then, smoke continued to emerge from a cardboard box and other offerings. 

“One time complain, don’t want to listen. Then now the whole thing burn already [sic],” said the woman in the clip.

The fire had damaged a tricycle that belonged to her son, with Yani writing: "My son kept on saying 'Basikal ('bicycle' in Malay) broken oh no'."

She also claimed that her neighbour burns incense and other offerings along the corridor every day. 

Another photo was taken on Aug 27, 2019 showed candles, joss sticks and offerings placed on a makeshift cardboard 'table'. 

The woman's Facebook post was shared over 3,500 times and was later re-posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group. 

In the comments section, netizens voiced their anger at the inconsiderate act during the seventh lunar month. 

Yani also shared that her neighbour has yet to apologise to her. She claimed that he lied to the authorities, saying that it was only a small fire. 

“Two years ago complain already. Town council send warning. Still do it every night [sic],” she added in her post. 

In an update the next day, Yani wrote that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and police have been notified and that "they will be taking action." 

AsiaOne has reached out to Yani and the SCDF for more information.

According to the National Environment Agency's guidelines, members of the public who wish to burn incense and other paper offerings should do so using enclosed containers provided by the town councils. 

They should not damage public property by burning indiscriminately on pavements, common corridors, void decks and other common property. 

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