Here's what to do if you find black segments in fresh orange juice from vending machine

Stomp contributor Kenneth was shocked when he found black particles in a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice he had bought from a vending machine at Suntec City on Sunday (Jan 6).

"It was poor orange quality," he said.

"I had to throw it away."

Stomp reached out to the operator of the juice machine, Singapore Golden Orange Group, to find out why there were black segments in Kenneth's drink.

A spokesman clarified that the black particles were from a spoilt orange lying in the batch of fruit inside the machine.

"The exterior of the orange looks perfectly normal but the spoilage has started inside," she said.

"This usually happens to late season oranges.

"Over the years, we have been encountering similar issues during a certain period of the year and have been in touch with different growers to try reducing this issue.

"Unfortunately, there is no effective way to totally eliminate the issue due to the natural and perishable properties of the fruit itself.

"What we can advise customers is to call or WhatsApp our helpline 8699 0888 for assistance once they see any foreign particles inside the juice that is abnormal and we will be able to provide assistance as soon as possible.

"The machine will be placed out of service immediately after notification, thoroughly cleaned out by our service crew before it can be back on operation again.

"Customers will have a choice of a replacement drink at any other machine, have a replacement juice on another day or a refund depending on their preference of choice.

"We strive our very best to provide quality fresh orange juice to our customers at the best value to them."

The spokesman told Stomp that the machine Kenneth had bought his juice from was cleaned and cleared by their service crew on Monday (Jan 7) at 11.30am.

"We also have an automatic system in place, where the machines do self-cleaning at scheduled intervals," she said.

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction