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Ho Ching goes from 'chill' mode to poet of water

Ho Ching goes from 'chill' mode to poet of water

Ho Ching, the serial Facebook sharer who also happens to be the Prime Minister's wife, is something of a poet.

From time to time, she would accompany one of her gazillion posts with her literary awakening, usually touching on current affairs and social issues.

When the Public Utilities Board posted about its drainage preparations for the monsoon season, the Temasek Holdings chief executive was inspired enough to get creative.

She mused on Monday (Dec 10):

Stay prepared, stay alert, keep safe, keep well.

It's going to get wet, with fast flash floods, lightning risks and storm surge warnings.

These are gentle advice with an element of danger - and they come a day after Ho told a Malaysian politician to "chill" regarding our maritime dispute.

Rais Hussin of PPBM had written in an opinion piece, "This is why we need to be blunt now, just as Singapore is often blunt to us in turn.

"Singapore often takes a holier-than-thou approach," he charged.

"What they will get is only pain by a thousand cuts."

Given the proximity of her posts, at least one media outlet has speculated that Ho's words were allegorical in nature. In literal terms, the wet times referred to the territorial waters and the rest… you go imagine.

Her creative juices flowed on though. Two hours later she dropped another poem, this time regarding climate action.

On a separate note, whoever is managing Ho's account (or so we think), is either very hardworking, or whose only job is to share, share and share.

We salute.

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