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With home-based learning, some pupils fret more about PSLE

With home-based learning, some pupils fret more about PSLE
Japhanie Tan Yan Ting tries to stick to the schedules she her set for herself.
PHOTO: Japhanie Tan Yan Ting

She has prepared herself to face a challenging school year, but Japhanie Tan Yan Ting is now worried she is not learning enough for PSLE because of home-based learning (HBL).

The Primary 6 pupil from Jing Shan Primary School is concerned she may not be able to meet her academic targets.

"I am not sure if I would be able to do as well because we learn less from home now as compared to when we were in the classroom because of the shorter lessons during HBL," she said.

"When I have questions, I cannot get them answered immediately and after a while, I may forget the questions. This makes it harder to understand the topic completely," she added.

To motivate herself, the head prefect thinks about getting to secondary school and tries her best to stick to revision schedules she has set for herself.

Madam Lee Suet Fong, the lead school counsellor at the Education Ministry's guidance branch, said a healthy state of mental well-being is important for a student as it promotes a spirit of resilience during the growing years and especially during this period of time.

She added that while most students are adjusting well, counselling support is still available to them during HBL.

"This period may trigger a student's sense of loss and distancing from the usual engagement with peers and teachers," she said.


Madam Lee advised parents to help establish a routine or schedule for their children to help with their mental wellness.

She also highlighted the importance of bonding and supporting them through recreational family activities.

Ms Sher-Li Torrey anticipated conflicts between her Primary 2 son and Primary 6 daughter during HBL. She also recognised that her daughter, who will be taking her PSLE, to be under some stress.

Thus, the founder of online career portal Mums@Work planned family games and movie nights, which helped much, she said.

Ms Torrey would also take the time to talk to her children and to encourage them to express their emotions.

She added: "Since HBL started, my mental wellness has been going up and down. There are good days and bad days, but I try to find the bright side."

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.

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