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Husband gets beaten up while protecting wife from 4 drunk men, loses $3,000 of valuables

Husband gets beaten up while protecting wife from 4 drunk men, loses $3,000 of valuables

A couple had their honeymoon ruined on Saturday (June 22) when four drunk men ended up beating the husband for protecting his wife.

Mr and Mrs Wang arrived in Singapore earlier this month and was planning on going to Indonesia before returning to China.

The couple and their friends went for a karaoke session at Bugis Cube which ended at about 5am.

Wang said to Lianhe Zaobao: "My wife went ahead and ran into some tattoed men who teased and gestured at her.

"To avoid conflict, I let my wife and our friends leave first but about four of them rushed towards me and started beating me up.

"The entire process took about six minutes. They left after hearing us wanting to call the police."

Wang said that there were about seven men. Three had tattoos, were in an alcoholic stupor and kept uttering vulgarities.

He was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital in a bloodied state with a swollen head as well as injuries to his legs, forehead, nose bridge and upper jaw.

He had a total of four stitches and said: "My whole body ached, I could only lie down. I don't have strength in my right arm and could only rely on people to feed me. I feel pain sometimes when my eyes turn."

Mrs Wang, who was pushed over, had bruises on her neck and limbs.

Wang's friend, Mr Long said he tried stopping the fight when he saw Wang being beaten but got shouted at and punched.

Long said: "My girlfriend at the side kept crying for them to stop but they wouldn't."

In the midst of the fighting, Wang lost his iPhone and a gold necklace.

The couple arranged for an advanced honeymoon to Singapore, Maldives, and other countries for wedding photos but lost all of them with his phone.

Wang said he wanted to take more pictures and videos of the honeymoon so that they could be used for their wedding banquet.

The couple is extremely saddened as all these photos and videos are gone now.

They spent about $20,000 on preparations for the honeymoon.

The couple went to a police station again on Sunday (June 23) to report the case on the grounds that items were suspected to be stolen.

They will also approach the Chinese Embassy for assistance.

Before Wang returned to China on Tuesday (June 25), he told Zaobao that whether legal action will be taken depends on the situation

According to Zaobao, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) from a shop nearby caught five men in a fight.

The CCTV shows a man in a tussle with two others before they all fall to the ground.

Another two men join in and a woman can be seen trying to stop the fight before she was stopped by another man.

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