'I still don't have undergarments': Former air stewardess shares her 'embarrassing' blunder while boarding a plane to KL

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Juliayeo

This woman was about to board a plane – her first trip overseas in more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic – only to realise that she had left her luggage at home.

Sharing her "horror travel story" in a TikTok video last Friday (May 20), Julia Yeo said: "Please help a sis out. Where can I buy nice and affordable clothes in Kuala Lumpur?"


a horror travel story

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While netizens in the comments were confused how the 28-year-old former air stewardess managed to forget to bring her luggage, one of them described her blunder as a "new way of forgetfulness".


Several netizens also rallied to suggest how Yeo could buy some clothes while she is in Kuala Lumpur.

Taking to TikTok on the same day, Yeo shared that she had managed to buy some clothes at a H&M outlet in the airport, but one problem remained.

"I still don't have undergarments," she added.

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In an interview with AsiaOne on Sunday (May 22), Yeo shared that this "embarrassing" blunder was partly due to a "miscommunication" with her father, who had forgotten to bring her luggage to the airport.

It was only at the boarding area that she realised that her bag of clothes was still at home, she said.

"[It] felt like a joke, but I was also chill [at that time]. My family was more anxious than me."

Yeo, who is in Kuala Lumpur until Monday (May 24) to visit relatives and friends, shared that she is "surprised" by the amount of help she received on social media.

She said: "I went to search up those places… to look out for all the recommended brands.

"Hopefully i don't forget to bring my luggage home from Malaysia [too]."