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'I think you never brush teeth LOL': Woman compiles stall's sassy replies to bad reviews on GrabFood

'I think you never brush teeth LOL': Woman compiles stall's sassy replies to bad reviews on GrabFood
PHOTO: Facebook/Nur Hidayu

While some businesses believe the customer is always right, there are others who are willing to go to battle over bad reviews.

Facebook user Nur Hidayu shared screenshots of one eatery's epic replies to negative reviews on the GrabFood app.

Nur Hidayu wrote in Malay that she is the type of person who will always read reviews first before ordering.

However, she was tickled by the 'drama' in the reviews section of a particular food stall. Her post has since garnered over 1,300 shares.


The stall appeared consistent in giving sassy replies to reviews complaining about the quality of the food.

One reviewer complained that their prawns and fish were 'not fresh' to which the restaurant replied: "Not fresh? Mean I must catch from sea then fresh arh? If not fresh, the fish is grey colour. Of course prawn got smell..if no smell plastic lor.. Go study about fish first then u buy from me ok. [sic]"

When another customer complained that the soto ayam was 'rotten and smelly', the stall countered that they remembered that particular reviewer had written something similar before.

They added that they sold 100 packets in one day and would have gotten a complaint from their dine-in customer if this was true.

One person wrote that the mee goreng was 'not appetising and tasteful'. The stall replied no one else had complained despite selling over 45 packets and added: "I think you never brush teeth LOL."

The eatery also frequently challenged unhappy customers to try their hand at cooking.

They asked customers to 'try' cooking 20kg of dishes like limpa (cow's spleen) and rendang before complaining.

"You try work 19 hours first before asking," they said.

They apparently also have a 'reject list' and added that they would cancel orders from those who were unhappy with their food.

In one response, they wrote: "Aiya you don't be lazy go out and buy or cook yourself lololol."

Nur Hidayu was careful not to name the eatery and also limited her comments to prevent any netizens from doing so to stop the food stall from :threatening her.

Unsurprisingly, she wrote in her caption that she did not end up ordering from the stall.

Operating a food stall is not easy but do you think the eatery should have responded to their customers in this way?

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