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'I waited for you for 20 minutes': Cleaner unhappy with man for allegedly using phone while in toilet

'I waited for you for 20 minutes': Cleaner unhappy with man for allegedly using phone while in toilet
PHOTO: TikTok/Garygaryocp

When does using the phone in a toilet cause a problem? When it involves a public lavatory and a cleaner with work to do.

A man's alleged prolonged use of a public toilet which caused a cleaner to admonish him for using the phone has stirred up debate on the internet.

The altercation was published on TikTok by user Garygaryocp on Sunday (Oct 15). It is not clear where the incident took place.

In the short clip recorded by the man, the cleaner can be seen telling the man off for being on his phone while in the toilet, with her insisting, "You play the phone".

"Why I cannot play phone?" was the man's retort.

"You cannot… because other people also waiting," replied the woman. She added that she'd knocked on the toilet door, to which he responded, "I haven't finished, please."

The cleaner then went on to allege that the man was simply hogging the toilet without actually using it.

"You never pang sai (defecate), you [never] urine also you play the phone," said the woman.

"Who tell you I never use the toilet?" asked the man.

"You never use the toilet, I listen the sound, you playing the phone," said the cleaner.

"You mean I go toilet I cannot play phone?" asked the man with some incredulity. "Who gave you the law say I go toilet cannot play phone?"



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The woman explained that there are other people who need to use the toilet and she also had to "top up the tissues".

"So long leh, I waiting for you 20 minutes," the cleaner continued. The short 42-second video then ends there.

The clip generated mixed responses among other TikTok users who commented on the video, but a majority appeared to agree with the cleaner's perspective.

Many chastised the man for his inconsiderate behaviour in hogging the cubicle in a public toilet.

However, some online agreed with the man that he did not flout the law and debated whether the cleaner was being intrusive.

One commenter also brought up the point on how the elderly might take even longer on the toilet.

Others also praised the woman for being polite and not losing her cool with the man.

But for some, the incident has unlocked a new fear.

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