'I was hyperventilating': Singapore-based graphic designer wins $13,000 from US YouTuber MrBeast

'I was hyperventilating': Singapore-based graphic designer wins $13,000 from US YouTuber MrBeast
PHOTO: Screengrabs from Instagram/Meyyen

Talk about manifesting your dreams into reality.

One woman in Singapore may just be US$10,000 (S$13,252) richer, after winning a random giveaway from American YouTuber MrBeast as part of his birthday celebrations.

He'd released the results of the giveaway at about 3am Singapore time on Thursday (May 11).

The lucky winner, known as Meyyen on Instagram, made a post later that morning confirming the win. Based on her online profile, Meyyen describes herself as a Singapore-based "independent visual artist and graphic designer".

"I was hyperventilating," Meyyen noted in her Stories, where she wrote: "Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Sending good vibes and abundance back."

Many of Meyyen's followers, however, noted that she could have had a hand in manifesting her good fortune.

After all, an Instagram post published by the graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts just a day before on Wednesday showed a graphic image of a woman sitting amid piles of cash and opening a briefcase full of dollar notes.


In the caption, she wrote: "This is the campiest thing I’ve seen in a while and I love it. I will be embodying this energy of abundance going forward. Share for good luck."

"Bro you manifested it," wrote one follower in the comments section of the post, as others extended their heartiest congratulations. 

However, some expressed scepticism about the giveaway, or were curious about how Meyyen would get the money.

25-year-old MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is a popular online personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He is known for content where he doles out wads of cash to random people on the street, puts in a big tip to service staff or even buys strangers a car, just for the fun of it.

He even recreated a Squid Game challenge, where participants — seemingly of all ages and from all walks of life — grappled for a chance to win the US$456,000 cash prize. One person eventually won, based on the video.

So perhaps it was no surprise that in celebration of his birthday on May 7, Donaldson posted on Instagram that he would be giving away US$10,000 each to five lucky winners.

The ante was subsequently upped, with Donaldson announcing that 10 lucky winners would be picked instead, reported media outlets.

The post, however, appeared to have been taken down, with suspicions it was pulled for violating Instagram's terms of service, reported some US media sites.

Following the announcement of the results, MrBeast has also made a subsequent post stating that the names shown are the only ones that won, adding, "If you get a DM from anyone else it is a scam!"

AsiaOne has reached out to Meyyen for more information.


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