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'I whack your motherf***ing face': Woman livestreams herself threatening nurse

'I whack your motherf***ing face': Woman livestreams herself threatening nurse
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Sg.shares

A patient who was unhappy with the supposed lack of service at a local hospital recently livestreamed herself verbally abusing a nurse.

The woman goes by Marydelusional on TikTok and her verbal onslaught was viewed by almost 400 TikTok users.

It is unclear where and when the incident took place, but a 32-second clip of the video made its way to SG shares' Instagram page on Tuesday (Feb 8).


In the video, the nurse appeared to be calm when asking the patient what the issue was.

“Why you never give me the drip, the medicine you also don't give me, then you no visitor no one then you want to threaten [sic] say the f***ing security coming, you think I scared ah?” Marydelusional sniped back.

That was when the nurse felt security had to be called in. 

Upon hearing that, Marydelusional got more vulgar and aggressive with her threats: “Then you see later I whack your mother***ing face.” 

In the livestream, TikTok users were calling Marydelusional problematic and urged her to cooperate with the nurse.

Netizens were not only disgusted by the verbal abuse they witnessed but some were also left scratching their heads as to why she would share such an encounter with the public.

One Reddit user said that patients have to learn to trust the medical professionals taking care of them and added that being uncooperative does not help any parties involved.

An incident like this highlights one of the challenges that healthcare professionals are facing.

With the Covid-19 pandemic stretching into the third year and many burnt-out healthcare workers quitting, the industry is trying to tackle a labour shortage.

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