'I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy': Woman accuses Yishun landlord of stalking, intruding into her room

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Hangrihelen

At first, this woman thought that she struck gold in her search for a temporary place to stay.

Besides buying her dinner on her move-in day, the male landlord also did not seem "sus" at first. 

But in a TikTok video shared on Friday (March 31), this tenant with the username Hangrihelen said that she was evicted from the rental room a few months later.

"This is my housing story that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy," the Indonesian who is studying for a university degree here, said.


In the TikTok video, Hangrihelen admitted that she "had no choice" but to rent a room in a HDB flat along Yishun Avenue 6.

"I was in a rush to find a place," the woman said, sharing that the ex-landlord treated her nicely over the next few weeks. 

The cracks in the relationship appeared in January, the tenant revealed.

"He started to frequently nag on little things," Hangrihelen said, adding that she tried to be a "responsible tenant" by accommodating the man's requests.

This includes cutting down on her air-conditioning usage to 10 hours daily.

"He admitted he can't afford the expensive bills," Hangrihelen said.

Hangrihelen: 'Landlord stalked me' 

The tenant shared that the landlord began "stalking her" in February.

In a screenshot shared on TikTok, Hangrihelen shared that her ex-landlord emailed her university for "advice" - after questioning her "validity" as a student.

He also asked the school for information on Hangrihelen's vacation periods, as well as the date of the completion of her course.

The landlord also attached photos of her student pass in the email.

"There's no way my school would disclose such confidential matters," the baffled woman said.

Held back her deposit

While the date of her eviction was not mentioned in the video, Hangrihelen has been "fighting" with the ex-landlord for her deposit back.

Accusing the man of churning excuses to delay returning the money for weeks, Hangrihelen shared that the landlord also intruded and took a photo of her room when she was living there without permission.

When confronted, the landlord warned Hangrihelen against "challenging him".

"Don't argue with me if you want your deposit back and fast," he said in a text message.

Despite the prolonged dispute with her ex-landlord, Hangrihelen said that she was glad it happened.

Her current accommodation is "way better" and nearer to her school, the woman shared.

"I'm peaceful now," she said.

In the comments, several netizens advised Hangrihelen on what she should do to resolve the dispute.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Hangrihelen


Speaking to AsiaOne on Friday (March 31), the property agent involved said that the landlord has since returned the deposit of $900 to Hangrihelen on Monday.

AsiaOne has contacted Hangrihelen for more information.

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