'I'll beat you up': Baker receives online threats after bridesmaid's viral post on poorly made wedding cake

PHOTO: Facebook/DeeRahman

Although this home-based bakery's cake for a wedding didn't meet expectations, they didn't expect to receive anonymous attacks from angry netizens.

Sugary Kneads Co received online threats and harassment, after a Facebook post on Sunday (Sept 5) about their less-than-satisfactory cake went viral — attracting almost 400 comments and 1,800 shares.

"We will be lodging a police report on all the harassment we have received so far. Most if it [are] false accusations and threats," they told AsiaOne in a statement. The baker declined to be named.

"We have made a full refund and apologise tremendously to those who were affected with our service," they said.

Netizens sent threats to bakery's Instagram account 

As if unleashing their fury on Facebook wasn't enough, the bakery's Instagram account also received hateful direct messages and threats, some of which weren't even related to the incident. 

These are just two of the deluge of messages they have received, the bakery said. 

An anonymous message sent via Instagram which said, "B**o, I'll beat you up" in Malay. PHOTO: Courtesy of Sugary Kneads Co
An anonymous message sent via Instagram which said in Malay: "Close your business. Your mother's c***. You deceived people, taking in haram money." PHOTO: Courtesy of Sugary Kneads Co

The wedding cake that started it all 

The threats began when user Dee Rahman, the bridesmaid, took to Facebook on Sunday to recount her negative experience with the bakery.

It detailed the poorly-constructed cake for a friend's wedding, the alleged late delivery of the cake, and her difficulty in trying to obtain a full refund (which was apparently promised).


Pictures of the cake were also uploaded onto Facebook, alongside a reference picture that was previously provided by the bride. 

The actual cake looked starkly different from the reference picture, and the cream on the surface was melted. 

However, the bakery has since provided a full refund of $330 for the cake, and has apologised.

Other similar complaints also surfaced on social media within a few days. 

One customer allegedly received her donuts late and in bad condition, while another customer who self-collected her order claimed she was made to wait outside the baker's door. In both instances, media reports indicate the baker has either apologised or refunded the affected customers.     

'Threats and dangerous messages'

"We have done the best [to] our ability as a company. We sincerely apologise to all once again," Sugary Kneads Co told AsiaOne.

Their Instagram account has since been made private, and the profile states that the home-based business will "strictly" no longer accept cake orders.