'I'm still your legal wife': Woman and son surprise and confront husband with alleged mistress at Changi Airport

'I'm still your legal wife': Woman and son surprise and confront husband with alleged mistress at Changi Airport
Hong (dressed in black), confronting Chua at the airport after he allegedly went missing for six months and neglected his family.
PHOTO: Instagram/Singapore_Incidents,Facebook/Jolly Hong

After searching high and low for her husband she suspected was cheating on her, one woman finally tracked him down at Changi Airport where he was spotted holding hands with another woman. 

The woman, surnamed Hong, posted on Facebook last Saturday (June 18) a video of her confronting her husband. In her post, she claimed that her husband, surnamed Chua, had been "missing for the past six months" and had "neglected his son [and wife]". 

"He [didn't] even bother to give money [for] upbringing [our son]," she wrote in the post, adding that she had no income as she was a full-time housewife. 

In the video, her husband could be seen holding hands with another woman. 

A longer version of the video has also been circulating online on various social media platforms, showing Hong confronting Chua regarding his whereabouts. 

"I've been looking for you for six months, and I have to come to the airport to catch you...my husband is holding another woman's hand, what is this supposed to mean?" she questioned him in Chinese in the video.

Hong made another Facebook post on Monday (June 20) explaining that she brought her son to Singapore to try and locate her husband, and that she even approached the Singapore police for help. 

She also heard from a friend that Hong was going to Thailand.

Determined to find him, Hong claimed that she had been "going back and forth" with her son between her hotel and the airport in the hopes of catching him. 

In the same post, Hong also revealed that the woman Chua was seen with in that video was his violin student. 

"My child and I stood at the arrival gate and saw my husband holding hand in hand with his female student walking out wearing couple' clothes. At that moment, my heart hurt and broken. Some more the girl student was still carrying my backpack [sic]", she wrote.

Hong added that she has been unable to contact him since the confrontation at the airport, and pleaded for netizens to help look for him.

"Stop hiding!" She wrote. "Sit down face to face and talk about divorce!"

According to Hong, she isn't the only one that has been looking for Chua. 

"Your father has been begging for you to come home, but did you?" Hong also said in the video that Chua's father had been calling her to ask for his son.

"I'm still your legal wife, remember that. I did not receive any [divorce papers]," she said.

Later in the video, Hong also berated Chua for being a bad example to their son, who was also at the airport. The young boy was also mimicking his mother's words and pointing fingers accusingly at Chua.

In her Facebook post, Hong also posted two voice recordings allegedly from Chua showing how he had been allegedly neglecting her, with multiple screenshots of his LinkedIn profile. 

In one of the recordings titled "Supportive husband", Chua could be heard allegedly saying: "I think you are in pain is also none of my business; you pain until die is also none of my business". 

Since then, Hong's post has received over 4,400 reactions and 3,200 comments, most condemning Chua's actions.

One said: "Act 'so brave' behind the screen but when kena confronted by this wife, he don't dare to do anything."

Another called him a "useless bum" who should be "thrown" away.

Other netizens expressed their sympathy for the young boy, with some advising her against confronting her husband in front of him. 

One Facebook user said: "You have family matters, do it at home. And not in front of the kids".

AsiaOne has reached out to Hong for more details. 

At the time of writing, both Chua and the woman have deactivated their social media accounts. 

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