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'Inflation hitting hard': Customers floored by $1,000 small order fee on GrabFood

'Inflation hitting hard': Customers floored by $1,000 small order fee on GrabFood
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Cowsmoker

All she wanted was a burger and some nuggets from McDonald's.

But imagine this woman's shock when her GrabFood order from the fast food restaurant's Yishun outlet came up to an excess of $1,203.

"Laugh my a** out. What?" TikTok user Cowsmoker said in a video shared on Friday (Nov 4), while showing that her small order fee for her order was around $1,185.

A small order fee applies to orders less than the minimum order value set by the restaurant, according to Grab.

Fortunately, Cowsmoker chose to see the funnier side to this incident. 

"They think I what? Elon Musk is it," she quipped. 

It's safe to say she didn't proceed with that order.

However, Cowsmoker is not the only one hit by this ridiculous fee as a couple of GrabFood customers also took to social media today to share their disbelief over their exorbitant small order fee.

Some of the other eateries affected include Texas Chicken and A-One Claypot House.


In the comments, several netizens were baffled by the "not so small" small order fee.

"Inflation hitting hard," a netizen said, while others shared their similar experiences being quoted $1,000 for the small order fee.

Responding to AsiaOne's queries on Friday (Nov 4), Grab said that the small order fee was incorrectly reflected on the mobile app, and was rectified within minutes.

"A very small number of users were charged wrongly and we've processed all refunds," the company's spokesperson added.

On Thursday (Nov 4), an eagle-eyed GrabFood customer shared on Reddit how the food delivery platform has increased the minimum order for fast food outlets and several restaurants from $8 to $12.

Reaction to this "public service announcement" was mixed - several netizens lamented how everything is becoming more expensive, while others pointed out that it's the price to pay for convenience.

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