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'Inflation is here': Customer bemoans price of lemon tea 'without lemon' at Bukit Timah coffee shop

'Inflation is here': Customer bemoans price of lemon tea 'without lemon' at Bukit Timah coffee shop
PHOTO: Stomp

Do you expect to see lemon in your iced lemon tea?

A man was upset that a coffee shop raised the price of its iced lemon tea and took away the lemon.

Stomp contributor Raven was having lunch at Cafe Link on Sixth Avenue in Bukit Timah on June 13 when he discovered the missing citrus fruit in his drink.

"Not only the price increased by another 10 cents to $1.90, to my horror, the drink that was served to me was without lemon," railed the Stomp contributor.

"My goodness! The price has went up! They took away the lemon as well. It was previously given in the past. This had never happened before. Inflation is here."

It was only after a few sips when he realised the lemon was not there. Neither was the coffee shop staff for him to complain to as she was already serving another customer.

"No one would entertain you," said the Stomp contributor. "Or they would say maybe you had already taken it."

But he accepted it because of the weather.

"I was okay with it since it was a hot day, but you must not be removing the lemon which is my favourite."

At least it still had ice.

On April 26, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said Singapore's core inflation is expected to stay around three per cent in the near term before "falling more discernibly" in the fourth quarter of 2024 and into 2025.


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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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