'Is it because I'm Chinese': Go-Jek passenger gets doxxed in wake of viral video

PHOTO: Facebook/Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Latiff

As with any scandal that makes waves in our little Red Dot, Singaporeans are quick to subject the wrongdoer to the court of public opinion as keyboard warriors become judge, jury and executioner.

The latest controversy to catch the ire of the public?

The female Go-Jek passenger who cried racism.

It all started yesterday afternoon (Jan 31) when Go-Jek driver Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Latiff uploaded a video to Facebook showing the heated exchange between the passenger and himself. A dispute over travelling routes quickly escalated into accusations of kidnap, cheating and racism.

Of course, Singaporeans were quick to jump in and criticise the passenger for her entitled and rude behaviour. And as we've come to expect, online vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to expose her private information (a toxic behaviour known as 'doxxing' in this internet age). The woman's name, age, social media accounts and personal pictures were all uncovered - which has, unfortunately, garnered mixed reactions.

Photo: Facebook/Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Latiff Photo: Facebook/Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Latiff Photo: Hardware Zone

Her social media accounts have since been deactivated.

Perhaps it's time to agree that regardless of the situation, doxxing someone is never justified. Let's all try to be classier than that.

On a lighter note, the incident has allowed Singaporeans to try their hand at comedy.

Everywhere got ah siao

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, January 31, 2019

use this the next time you get kidnapped

Posted by YEOLO on Thursday, January 31, 2019

a good joke to start the year.

Posted by ELOELL on Thursday, January 31, 2019

My brain as I was watching the video

Posted by SGAG on Thursday, January 31, 2019

In a statement to AsiaOne, a Go-Jek spokesperson replied: "Go-Jek takes all complaints from riders and driver-partners very seriously.

We were able to quickly investigate this incident using the evidence provided and have spoken directly with both parties. A fair outcome has been reached with the driver partner and we are of the view that the matter is now concluded."