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Jamus Lim or JJ Lin? Singapore politicians and their celebrity look-alikes

Jamus Lim or JJ Lin? Singapore politicians and their celebrity look-alikes
PHOTO: JFJ Productions, screengrab from Mediacorp Channel 5

If you thought Jamus Lim from the Workers’ Party looked familiar, you are not alone.

Some netizens have commented how the political newcomer and one of GE2020's breakout stars looks like another famous person — Singaporean Mandopop singer, JJ Lin.

And that's not where the similarity ends. The pair even share similar-sounding names. 

Jamus’ middle name is Jerome, which basically makes him JJ Lim. 


Some, however, have said Jamus’ looks are a mash-up of JJ Lin and controversial blogger Amos Yee.


On the Internet, other politician-celebrity lookalikes have been talked about, with former People's Action Party (PAP) electoral candidate Ivan Lim being compared to Korean actor Lee Seung-gi, as well as Mark Lee.


This was also pulled out from the history books: 


And another which we'll just leave here:


Other celebrity doppelgangers

We asked around the office and found other politicians and their celebrity doppelgangers.

Gao Yuan Yuan and Tan Chen Chen

Don't you think Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan and Workers' Party (WP) candidate for Punggol West SMC Tan Chen Chen could pass off as sisters?

Liu Xin and Sun Xueling

We think PAP candidate for Punggol West SMC has a famous twin too, in CGTN news anchor Liu Xin.

Raven Symone and Raeesah Khan

Do American actress Raven Symone and WP's Raeesah Khan look alike? There are some similarities, but the jury may still be out on this one.

Kim Go-eun and Nicole Seah

We didn't think so at first, but when placed side by side, the resemblance between Korean actress Kim Go-eun and WP's Nicole Seah is uncanny.

Teo Ser Luck and Teo Ser Lee

Okay, we admit we cheated with this one. Even if the former Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC MP (that's Teo Ser Luck) and former pageant-queen turned etiquette coach Teo Ser Lee look alike, it shouldn't be surprising. They are brother and sister, after all.

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