Jaywalking pedestrian sent flying after being hit by car along Balestier Road

SINGAPORE - A jaywalking pedestrian was sent flying when she was hit by a car while crossing Balestier Road on Monday (July 22).

The police said that they were alerted to the accident along Balestier Road towards Lavender Road at 5.29pm.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said the woman was assessed to have suffered minor injuries. She refused to be taken to the hospital.

Videos of the accident were shared on Facebook pages Roads.sg and SG Road Vigilante on Tuesday, and the posts have garnered more than 50,000 views.

The footage shows the pedestrian trying to cross the three-lane road when she is hit by a black Toyota sedan travelling on the right-most lane.

Upon impact, the woman - who was not using a designated pedestrian crossing - flies and appears to be thrown against a stationary silver car on the middle lane, with her head facing downwards and legs in the air, before landing on the road.

The drivers of both vehicles subsequently get out of their cars to check on the pedestrian.

Several netizens commented that the pedestrian was not careful when crossing the road and pointed out that she was in the driver's blind spot when the accident occurred.

Facebook user Palaboy Eugiano noted that the black car had been slowing down when the accident occurred, and it could have been worse otherwise.

The police are investigating the accident.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.