Jewel Changi Airport's massive playground opens today - but be prepared to pay up to $54 for the full experience

Come June 10, Jewel Changi Airport will officially open their 14,000 sqm playground located at the highest floor.

Home to seven playscapes and creative gardens, the Canopy Park is a first-of-its kind attraction for both the young and the young at heart.

Before you make plans to head down though, be prepared to shell out up to $54 if you're an adult and $39 for children or senior citizens if you want the full Canopy experience.

According to the folks at Jewel, the ticketing system is for crowd control and safety purposes so that guests will have the best experience possible.


Entry into Canopy Park starts at $4.50 and includes admissions to Topiary Walk, Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls and Petal Gardens.

Access to the other attractions (Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets and Canopy Bridge) range from $7.20 to $19.80 and differ for adults and children or senior citizens.

Additionally, bundle packages are available for a fuller experience and some include the Changi Experience Studio -- an interactive digital attraction.

Here's the full price list: 




Arguably the star attraction of Jewel, the Manulife Sky Nets consists of two types - Walking and Bouncing.

Walking is a 50-metre taut web hanging 25-metres above the ground and seems to provide more of a thrill factor from the height compared to its counterpart.

This net was stiffer to walk on compared to the bouncy nets. 
Photo Credit: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Bouncing is a 250-metre long bouncy net with an 8-metre high lookout at the highest point, where visitors can experience "weightlessness" as they leap about.

The nets also have a capacity limit of 400 people each, which makes the ticketing system more understandable, considering that it's to prevent overcrowding.

Visitors will have to leave all loose items in the free lockers provided. 
Photo Credit: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Nobody wants a stray elbow hitting them in the eye, am I right?

Also, friendly reminder to wear pants and covered shoes if you're prepared to take on the sky nets! Don't want any loose slippers getting caught or potential flashing of undergarments to happen. 

Prefer a ground that remains still while you walk?

Then check out the 50-metre long Canopy Bridge which has a glass panel flooring -- you can see all the way to level one of Jewel through it.

The bridge holds a maximum of 70 people who are allowed to enter in batches at half-hour intervals.

Possess a fear of heights? You might want to visit the Hedge Maze if you're a fan of flowers, or the Mirror Maze if you want more of an adventure.

View from the top of the hedge maze if you need help finding your way out. 
Photo Credit: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Take care not to walk right smack into a glass surface though!

The basic entry fee will guarantee visitors a go at the Discovery Slides -- a 6.5m playscape with four slides in one structure that provides (in my opinion), one of the best views of the Rain Vortex.

The view was breathtaking. 
Photo Credit: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee
Here's what the massive playscape looks like.  
​​​Photo Credit: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Thinking of bringing your mini-me down during the June holidays?

You'll be glad to know that opening hours have been extended from June 10 to July 9 from 9am to 3am for the mazes and sky nets.

After which, regular operating hours from 10am to 10pm will apply for both attractions.

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