#Joeyjios: I threw an axe at a colleague - and it's $15 if you want to try

Need a space to rel-axe? Forget about spa or yoga retreats.

These days, it's all about unleashing your inner barbarian.

Enter Axe Factor, a little-known gem housed within The Grandstand along Turf Club road with a novel de-stressing activity -- throwing axes just for fun.

Opened since August 2018, it is Singapore's first and only indoor axe-throwing range.

The place was founded by Samuel Tey, 27, who wants the world to know that axe-throwing is so much more than just therapy. 

Samuel Tey, founder of Axe Factor. 
Photo: AsiaOne 

To him and his business partners, it's a legit sport, and they're in the midst of organising a competition for it. 

Close to $300K has been poured into the business, which was inspired by an Instagram post of Hollywood beast Jason Momoa casually hurling an axe while sipping on a beer.


I love beer and throwing Hawks mahalo @jackaxesinc BOOM

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Have they managed to break even?

Not quite yet, but plans of expanding into neighbouring Malaysian and alternative business models like franchising are being explored, said Tey. 

“If they are good throwers, then I’ll have to replace my board. If they are bad throwers, I’ll have to replace my axe," said Tey. 
Photo: AsiaOne

Aren't hurling heavy axes dangerous though? And have there been any casualties at the seven-month old Axe Factor? 

Nope. Tey was happy to report that they have had an accident-free streak, notwithstanding splinters sustained from brushing against the wood.

Blades of the axes used there have been blunted and the oldest customer they've had was an 80-year-old man. 

Broken wood helps soften the impact of the axe dropping on the floor. Photo: AsiaOne 

He noted: "If they are good throwers, then I’ll have to replace my board. If they are bad throwers, I’ll have to replace my axe."


After giving it a try, I must say it definitely is not as easy as the axe-perts there made it seem. 

Although the activity has been likened to dart-throwing, the hachet (which most beginners use), is relatively heavier at 1kg. 

Throwing a hatchet (pictured here), is much heavier than throwing a dart. Photo: AsiaOne 

Also, the art of axe-throwing requires a participant to use enough force, make use of their body's momentum, and release the axe at the right time (when it is around eye-level), for the metal to make contact with wood. 

But the resounding thunk and release of adrenaline when it happens is perhaps why Axe Factor sees quite a number of returning customers. 


While throwing an axe onto a target requires some level of skill and might be stress-inducing for the uninitiated, breaking things on purpose won't.

Another quirky business built on the idea of helping people de-stress is The Fragment Room, a space for paying customers to hulk-smash to their heart's content.

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Opened to much fanfare back in 2017, it was Singapore first, and to date, only rage room.

Here are the details if these places if want to go down and check them out yourself:


Where: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road #01-32A, S287994

Opening hours:

Mon - Thurs 12pm to 10pm
Fri - 12pm to 1am
Sat - 10am to 1am
Sun - 10am to 10pm
PH eve follows Friday timing
PH follows Sunday timing


$15 for 30mins (walk-ins only), $28/hr (1-2 pax)
$80/hr (3-5 pax)


Where: 3 Balestier Rd, S329671

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 1pm to 10pm


$38 onwards

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