JSA EP13: Sembawang is named after a tree

PHOTO: ZBSchools

In Singapore, many of the street names have their own interesting stories. For instance, "Sembawang" is actually named after the Sembawang tree. In the past, there were many rubber plantations in Sembawang, but in 1928, the area was transformed into a British Royal Navy base.

At that time, the scale of the military port extended from Sembawang to Woodlands checkpoint and it was known as the world's largest naval base. In 1968, after the withdrawal of the British army, the naval base was transferred to the Singapore government for a nominal sum of one dollar, becoming the current Sembawang shipyard.

The houses in Sembawang also reflect many colonial features. The black and white houses were designed by combining the unique characteristics from British Tudor architecture, the Malay floating house and Indian architecture.

Want to find out more about the interesting stories behind these buildings? Stay tuned to this episode of Junior SG adventures.

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