Junior SG Adventures EP8: A century old fountain

PHOTO: ZBSchools

Tan Kim Seng fountain is the only fountain in Singapore that was named after a Chinese to commemorate Tan Kim Seng's generous donation to the colonial government for the construction of a reservoir.

During the early days, there were no waterworks in downtown Singapore, people had to collect water from wells or rivers and transport the water by bullock carts to the city centre for sale. In 1857, Tan Kim Seng donated $13,000 to the government for the construction of Singapore's first reservoir and waterworks.

The waterworks were completed in 1877 and officially opened the following year. However, Tan had already passed away on 14 March 1864 in Malacca at the age of 59. In 1882, the colonial government erected this fountain as a token of appreciation towards Tan Kim Seng.

Tan Kim Seng fountain was designed by a famous architect from England. What is so special about the design? Find out more from this episode of Junior SG Adventures.

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