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Jurong resident warns of 'killer structure' hanging on 22nd floor of HDB block, says it endangers playground users

Jurong resident warns of 'killer structure' hanging on 22nd floor of HDB block, says it endangers playground users
PHOTO: Stomp

He called it a "killer structure".

It was a collection of bamboo poles and hangers used to improvise a laundry rack outside a balcony on the highest floor of a 22-storey HDB block in Jurong.

In the photo shared by Stomp contributor Playground User, none of the other residential units below had clothes hanging outside that balcony.

The Stomp contributor is concerned that the "killer structure" could result in killer litter if any part of it falls from 22 storeys high.

"For over five years, HDB and the town council cannot solve the jail-able offence of the killer structure at Block 138D Yuan Ching Road at Lake Vista," said the Stomp contributor.

What made it even more dangerous is that according to the Stomp contributor: "The killer structure is facing the playground and exercise area below it."

But that was not all.

"Also rampant is the fire hazard issues in the corridors due to stubborn residents. Yet, suddenly, they are going after small kids playing ball at the playground?" added the Stomp contributor, who shared a photo of a banner put up by the Jurong-Clementi Town Council prohibiting ball games in the area.

"Hopefully, they can prioritise the importance of their tasks."

In response to a Stomp query, a Jurong-Clementi Town Council spokesman said: "The town council is indeed aware of the situation at Block 138D Yuan Ching Road.

"We have been working with the relevant agencies to address the problem of the precarious hanging of clothes as well as discarding of items along common corridors outside one of the units.

We have also displayed fire safety educational posters and shared with residents the importance of keeping their common corridors obstruction-free.

"With regard to the display of a banner regarding the prohibition of ball games at the pavement area, this was done with safety in mind and in response to residents’ feedback. Ball games at the location have been of concern to the elderly and families with small children who use the pavement frequently.

"We continue to work with residents to keep the common corridors and common areas obstruction-free and safe, and create a conducive living environment for all."

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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