KF Seetoh posts photos of empty Jewel Changi Airport, internet disagrees

KF Seetoh posts photos of empty Jewel Changi Airport, internet disagrees
PHOTO: Facebook/KF Seetoh

Ever wondered when a good time to avoid the long food queues at Jewel Changi Airport is?

Founder of Makansutra and expert foodie KF Seetoh might have inadvertently revealed the answer in a Facebook post on Wednesday (May 22).

The post, and the accompanying pictures of a relatively empty A&W and Shake Shack, were uploaded at 9.33am.

The point he was trying to make, however, is that Jewel's hype is beginning to decline and it's not as crowded as it used to be.

Seetoh also expressed concern that the dwindling crowds would affect the tenants in the 24-hour food hall.


He wrote: "The pre-opening line at the Shake (Shack) has slacked to kosong (and) A&W stands for Anybody Want?"

Shake Shack operates from 10am to 10pm while A&W is open 24 hours.

Seetoh also clarified that he was at Jewel three weeks ago - same time, same day - and observed that the "lines were ridiculous" then.

He also claimed to have spoken to a food-court stall manager who revealed that they get the "usual lunch crowd" but that business "picks up only on weekends".

Yet, commenters were quick to disagree with Seetoh's opinion and called him out for taking the photos on a weekday morning when people were likely to be at work.

Photo: Facebook screengrab


Photo: Facebook screengrab

That same sentiment was echoed by various users in the comments.

Photos: Facebook screengrabs

Jewel officially opened on Apr 17, though 500,000 lucky visitors got a sneak peek during the preview that was hosted from Apr 11 to 16.

According to Changi Airport Group, Jewel has more than 280 shops and F&B outlets, with 95 per cent of the lease space already occupied.

Aside from fast-food chain A&W and Shake Shack, other notable brands at Jewel include the Pokemon Centre (the first outside of Japan), Pink Fish and Burger & Lobster.

If you're looking for more activities to do at Jewel or have yet to visit it, watch our video to get some ideas!


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