'Kindness is contagious': Anonymous woman sponsors 100 bowls of laksa at hawker stall in MacPherson

'Kindness is contagious': Anonymous woman sponsors 100 bowls of laksa at hawker stall in MacPherson
A bowl of laksa (left) and hawkers Charlie Soh alongside his wife Irene Leong (right).
PHOTO: Facebook/Matilda Lim, Facebook/Charlie Soh

To celebrate a hawker's birthday, buying their food is likely to put a smile on their face.

Well, one customer went a step further when she decided to pay for 100 orders of laksa from 88 Katong Laksa in MacPherson to celebrate this hawker's birthday on Nov 6. 

Hawker Charlie Soh called it a wonderful surprise when the female customer, who chose to remain anonymous, called in on his birthday to make this contribution.

He then decided to pay her kindness forward by arranging for 100 elderly to come down to his stall for a free meal on two separate occasions. 

Alongside his wife, they gathered seniors from a nearby Active Ageing Centre in MacPherson.

Last Sunday (Nov 13), Soh headed to the Facebook group Hawkers United - Dabao 2020 and shared the positivity online.

Accompanying the post were pictures of some happy customers posing in front of his stall.

He announced that 50 seniors will be heading there tomorrow (Nov 15) at 3pm to enjoy their free bowl of laksa.

Soh wrote: "I'm looking forward to have [sic] continued support for the future events in December 2022."

Scrolling through Soh's Facebook page, it seemed that 88 Katong Laksa holds such events on a regular.

The positive vibes flowed into the comments section with birthday wishes aplenty for Soh.

One Facebook user reminded others how "kindness is contagious" while another gave props to both the hawkers and the sponsor for their act of kindness.

88 Katong Laksa was opened as Soh, who has stage 4 cancer, realised his wife would need to be able to earn a living in the event of his death, reported AsiaOne in April. 


The latest update from Soh's Facebook page is that he had an operation on his neck in October 2022 and a cardiologist appointment next January to look forward to.

For now, the hawker is going strong, spreading kindness (and sharing his laksa) with hungry customers.

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