KOI apologises after customer bites on yellow "fingernail" while chewing bubble tea pearls

KOI apologises after customer bites on yellow "fingernail" while chewing bubble tea pearls

KOI has apologised after a customer bit a yellow "fingernail" while she was chewing some pearls from her bubble tea.

Stomp contributor Anon purchased a cup of green milk tea from KOI at Serangoon's NEX at about 1.45pm on Nov 5 when she had this nasty experience.

She told Stomp: "I was already back at my office in Lorong Chuan, drinking and chewing on some pearls then I bit on something hard.

"My first instinct was to take it out and when I did, I saw that it looked like a yellow fingernail.

"I believe it's a pinky nail since it looked rather small and narrow. 

"The nail was also very yellow so I wondered if it had dropped into the pearl mixture or maybe it fell into my drink when the staff was scooping out pearls.

"I called the KOI outlet at NEX at about 2.10pm and told them about how I found a nail in my drink. 

"The lady over the phone said: 'We're very sorry, can you come down to NEX and we'll give you a new drink.'

"I told her that the issue is about hygiene and it sholdn't be taken lightly.

"She then offered a refund and also a new drink. She sounded rather flustered over the phone and offered for the refund and the new drink to be delivered to my office.

"In a spur of a moment, I agreed to it. It didn't cross my mind that I didn't want to have another drink from KOI.

"I also felt very bad for the lady since it's probably not her fault.

"A man eventually arrived at my office on the same day and gave me my money back, along with another drink. He said sorry too.

"I was definitely very disgusted since I was chewing on the pearls and had bit on the fingernail. I'm also quite concerned about their hygiene since KOI is such a reputable name.

"It was a pretty long fingernail. I don't know how long it was but I didn't want to look at it again afterwards.

"I felt very sick in my stomach and actually forced myself to vomit. I felt very uncomfortable, weird and just disgusted, and thought that puking it out would help me feel better."


Responding to a Stomp query, a KOI spokesperson said: "We are sorry to hear of the experience this customer had on 05/11/2019.

"We are aware of this incident and it was reported to the HQ on 05/11/2019 by the Outlet Manager.

"We take every feedback seriously and will follow up with respective Outlets and their Area Managers. 

"In KOI, we take Food Safety seriously. Every Outlet staff (including part timers & non-food handling roles) are sent for WSQ Food Hygiene Certifications.

"The HQ conducts monthly random spot checks on our Outlets. We work with contractual Pest Controls for regular preventive measures in all our Outlets as well. 

"We are disappointed that this has happened despite our vigilance, and will continue to work with all our Outlets to keep our Food Hygiene Standards at the highest possible.

"We are glad that this customer has accepted a replacement beverage and a full refund of the first beverage on the day of incident. 

"Should the customer have any subsequent concerns or require any further follow up with us, we can be reached on our Facebook Page & Messenger, Website Feedback Form or QR Feedback Form (printed behind every receipt)."

Stomp understands that KOI was unsuccessful in reaching the customer with the contact number provided to their NEX outlet. 

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